Takoon Source Kiteboard 2014

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The Source Gamma edition is the versatile freeride-freestyle board in the Takoon range that excels in every area. It has a shape that provides unmatched slide and comfort.
This is the perfect board for those looking for fun and "easy" performance to progress fast.
In Freeride , its shape is very fluid to provide smooth glide, whatever the sea condition. It is comfortable from the first tack without adaptation time. This feeling of ease allows a fast progression. The uniform concave and progressive scoop offer unmatched slides, and great acceleration with a real feel of speed. This feeling of endless acceleration is completely exhilarating! Tips are especially designed to offer manoeuvrability, softness, avoid water projection and plunging in chop. Its characteristics allow it to have a very wide range of use: its glide allows starting planning very early, while his grip and comfort will allow you to keep the Source in difficult conditions and gusty winds. Outline and flex provide comfort and control in freestyle with a minimum of pressure on back foot, even in rough seas.
The ABS rails are thin for excellent edging before jump take off and an easy upwind ability.
They are rounded to offer softness in transitions and curves.
The four 5cm G10 fins assist in early planning and for upwind ability.
Wood core construction is very light, offering strong reactivity. 
Critical areas are reinforced for durability, and longevity.
Top-of-the-range accessories reinforce the feeling of comfort.
- Vertically laminated Paulownia core for the highest strength to weight ratios.
- Cores are produced with CNC milling (Computer Numerical Control), this means that every core is true to our design.
- Unique layup combining BIAX Fibreglass laminate with local reinforcement for each board.
- ABS sidewall from snowboard construction to increase strength while ensuring a smooth ride.
- Silk screened TPU graphic surface foil with its UV and scratch resistance properties for best finishing.
- M6 fastener stainless steel inserts to eliminate pull out and spinning.
132*39 (2Kg6)
134*40 (2Kg7)
136*41 (2Kg8)
145*43 (3Kg)
Comes with:
- New Anatomical pads
- New Adujstable straps
- G10 fins 5cm
- Light handle 20cm spacing
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