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When going into such an extreme sport as kite surfing, buying proper gear is a must. Special attention should be paid to harnesses as these pieces of equipment are designed to ensure the utmost protection even during the most rigorous training sessions. With a variety of models available on the market today, choosing the most suitable one is complicated. Still, if you get more information about kite surfing harnesses, you may make your purchase faster. So, let’s look at the major types of protective equipment for professionals and beginners. Waist Harnesses

A waist kiteboarding harness for kite boarding is considered to be the oldest one in the market as it has been adapted from windsurfing protection long ago. Due to the fact that its point of axis is higher than that of a seat one, such a harness offers more maneuverability but it provides less support much needed for beginners. That is why this piece of equipment is not recommended for amateurs, but is highly favored by many advanced surfers. There are two main types of a waist kite harness: soft and stiff ones.

The first option is known to be the lightest harness available due to its soft interior. This piece of equipment is often preferred by those who are searching for flexibility and comfort. Furthermore, soft harnesses cause minimal irritation, so they are great for riders who don’t wear wetsuits or rash guards.

Stiff harnesses feature a hard exterior, which makes them a suitable option for those who want more back support. This type of equipment is perfect for people who need extra support and comfort but don’t want to use a seat harness.

Seat Harness

A seat kiteboarding harness is a popular choice for beginners and sportsmen with some lower back problems. This gear ensures the best support for your lower back whilst allowing you to get up on your board easier. Many instructors offer this kind of harness for their students as this equipment is lightweight and comfortable. People can easily get upwind faster which is a crucial skill for amateurs. In addition, seat harnesses ensure better protection from injuries and re-injuries, which makes them an essential piece of equipment.

Depending on your skills and preferences, you can go for a waist or seat harnesses available in different styles in our online shop. However, it may be beneficial to ask our consultants for help if you have any doubts concerning your future purchase.

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