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All in one kite. Freestyle - Wave - Freeride
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With its three strut construction the GTS3, which is more turn-volution than evolution, has made strong gains in turn ability and reacts incredibly directly and precisely to any rider input.

The 3 also stands for the breadth of application of this new kite. Not only does it serve the main areas of expertise, being unhooked and wave, but the GTS3, more than its predecessor, is ideally suited to comfortable and ambitious freeride sessions. It embraces its All-in-one concept more than ever.

Five new key features in advance:

3-STRUT FRAME: quicker turning, better drift
DEEPER FUTURE-C SHAPE: superior C-kite-feeling, predictable and precise
RADICAL REACTION TIPS: quick and direct translation of rider input
CORE TEX®: robust, durable, three times tear resistant, light
HF-DACRON: stiffer tips, better power build up

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Saturday, 10 October 2015

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Friday, 20 June 2014

I was riding on GTS2 for several years now and I thought nothing could be better; but, the new GTS3 is truly impressed me. Great kite - amazing for kite loops.

Petya Ivanov
Friday, 20 June 2014

Got the opportunity to try the new GTS3 11m. I am mostly riding hooked in, with a love for kiteloops and kiteloop transiti. Push the bar away in the loop and the kite will accelerate to the wind window. The stability of the new Core kite is impressive again, the kite won't fly out of the wind window even if you pull on the de-power line with your kite on 12 hour, or if you make a bad jump and swing under your kite. No worries, the new GTS3 always drift back in the wind window.

Mihail Plato
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